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Hefei Lihe Machinery Co., Ltd is a dazzling star of hope that newly rises in the bearing steel ball industry of our country in the 21st century. With the land of 32.8 Mu and building area about ten thousand square meters, it is located in the Wushan Town Industrial Park of Changfeng County introduced in 2007 from Wuhu by Hefei Changfeng County People’s Government.

Our Co., since its establishment, has always adhered to the operation principle of “Manufacturing the high-end steel balls and setting up Lihe brand” and has more than 300 production and testing equipment of current international level for high-end bearing steel balls. We can product high-end steel ball 3000 ton every year.  Meanwhile, based on the management principle of “people oriented, altruistic thinking and harmony supreme”, it has built a high quality steel ball production team that “keeps up with the times and constantly strives for perfection“. By relying on the up-to-date equipment and technology, the team produces the G10,G5 grade high-end bearing steel balls of domestic leading level, which have been widely applicated in the production fields of autos, home appliances and motors etc. Our Co., is the A grade pacemaker in present China’s high-end bearing industry –the major steel ball supplier of C&U Group and high-end bearing manufacturers such as Ningbo Wanfeng Bearing Co.,Ltd , Hangzhou Huaxing Bearing  Co., Ltd  etc.

Hefei Lihe Machinery Co., Ltd will as always persists in the aim of “Quality is the life of Lihe Machinery” and make an unrelenting pursuit for further upgrading the manufacturing level of bearing steel balls of our country.